Standard Rigging Hardware for Cranes and Winches

The picture in the center shows our company. Around it there are connecting link, self-locking hook, clevis grab hook, eye slip hook, shackle and cluster hook one by one.

Shandong Xingying International Trading Co., Ltd. is a large integrated manufacturer in rigging hardware field. Located in Anping, Xingying covers an area of 2000 square meters. Our company has strong technical force, advanced technology and well-equipped testing facilities. We have more than 100 professional technical technicians and over 1000 skilled staffs. We lay great stress on quality and standard. Our company has obtained the quality certification issued by the quality supervision department and got the international quality system certification. We are committed to providing you with the most standard rigging hardware and the best service. Our products' quality and performance have received high reputation in domestic and overseas. Xingying rigging hardware is exported to many countries and regions. Such as USA, German, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia.

Shandong Xingying International Trading Co., Ltd. is your reliable supplier. We can manufacture a variety of standard rigging hardware and related accessories. Our main products are various links, hooks, shackles and chains. They are suitable for port handling, ship navigation, lifting machinery, hoisting equipment and other applications. You can find all types of master links, connecting links, anchor shackles, swivel hooks, cluster hooks, clevis hooks, eye hooks, eye nuts, eye self-locking hooks, sorting hooks and sliding choker hooks here. Specifications like materials, sizes and colors can be customized according to your specific requirement. The strong structural design and high working efficiency of our rigging hardware series products will surely meet your satisfaction.

Where can rigging hardware be applied?
Hoisting Apparatus

Rigging hardware such as eye slip hooks, eye grab hooks, clevis grab hooks and clevis sling hooks can be linked with chains and then connected to the hoisting machinery or lifting equipment. Our eye series hooks and clevis series hooks are available in different types, grades, sizes and materials. They can be freely combined with various chains and slings. Their high bearing capacity and good mechanical properties can undertake your lifting tasks perfectly.

There is a hoisting machine.
Vehicle Traction

Have difficulty in towing? No need to worry. Our high strength hooks and shackles can handle it. Hooks and shackles can be combined with each other to work together. The combination will form a safe and powerful tractive force. Then it's easy to get the vehicle move. We can supply all types of standard shackles, such as bolt type D shackles, wide D shackles and screw pin anchor shackles.

A shackle and two hooks are tied on a car.
Port Transportation

Rigging hardware is extensively applied in various marine applications. It can be linked to chain slings and wire ropes. Our products such as anchor shackles, clevis hooks, swivel self-locking hooks and sorting hooks all have stable mechanical performance and good bearing capacity. They are suitable for all kind of heavy tasks. Widely used in the port industry for lashing, lifting, hoisting and towing.

Two swivel self-locking hooks are lifting a roll of goods.
Crane Fittings

Links are extensively used as crane fittings for lifting and hoisting applications. Our links series products can meet all your crane fittings requirements. We can provide various master links, master pear shaped link, master link assembly and connecting links. They are characterized by good loading capacity, excellent corrosion resistance and long-term durability. These products can be linked to all assemblies of standard chains, rings and hooks. Customized design is available.

A master link is connected with a big hook on a crane.
Trailer Chains

Rigging hardware is also suitable for trailer chains. For example, clevis hook performs well in trailer chains. Our clevis series hooks can be made from forged carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel. The clevis hooks that our company supplies are characterized by high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good carrying capacity. They are available in various sizes, shapes, grades and colors.

A clevis hook is linked with a trailer chain.
Hot Products

We can supply various high quality links and rings, such as master links, master link assembly, D rings and connecting links.

Our clevis hooks has good corrosion resistance and excellent loading capacity. Widely used in various marine and industrial applications.

We can supply various eye type hooks, such as eye slip hook, eye grab hook and eye sling hook. Widely used in chains, slings and wire ropes.

We can supply various sliding choker hooks, sorting hooks, shank hooks and other special hooks.

The most popular products and specifications
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